Ah, the dreaded Work Time. This is the time most everyone cannot stand. Unless your work is something you love then, of course, you are going to hate it. Otherwise, it would be called “Play Time” or “Party Time” lol.

Why is it though that we all do things we hate to earn income. Just find something you are really passionate about and figure out how to monetize it.

Surely it cannot be that simple, right? I mean if it honestly was that easy why wouldn’t everyone be doing that?

I will tell you why, because it’s EXTREMELY difficult! Turning something you are passionate about into a money generating field takes years of hard work and dedication. The average person is just plain lazy and will never be willing to do the needed steps to make this a reality.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen!

Start out small. To find happiness in work you can’t begin with a completely euphoric state in all areas of your job. Again it would be called “Play Time” or “Meditation Time” if this were true. Find areas of your job that can be streamlined to make them less stressful and a better state of ease and flow.

I am currently in a shift and redefine state when it comes to my career path. During the time of building our Non-Profit Foundation, I found myself in a place of building multiple income streams. I discovered that a journey into Real Estate might actually be fun for me.

Here is where the paradox of “Fun vs Work” comes into play. This is were a lot of hard work and determination comes in. In order for me to be able to “Play” with a career in Real Estate, I must create a “Billion Dollar Venture” to allow me the freedom to be able to play.

Step one, get the education and certification required to become a real estate agent. BORING, but must be done! I signed up for an online class and completed a 4-6 month* course in 2 months. See what I mean about hard work and dedication? That element of my “Fun” job was so completely boring and dreadful to me I did everything in my power to complete it and move on as quickly as possible.

Step two, build the company. This is actually a “Fun” part to me as I really do enjoy building visions for projects. Honestly, if I could just be a Visionary and earn money doing it I would say that would be my dream job. Dream it up and give it to someone to develop. Hey, who knows maybe in my next re-invention that is the route I will take to earn income. But I digressed. So I need to build a vision for a “Billion Dollar Company” so that I lay the correct foundation from the very beginning. Sounds tough right? WRONG! All you need to do is model the companies that are doing what you want to be doing and make it your own. Model what they are doing and place your values and ideas in their shortfalls. And their shortfalls are your own interpretation because let’s be real, they already are the “Billion Dollar Company” you are trying to build.

Step three, generate leads. Ok so now I have the company built and ready to go. Now all I need are customers. How do I pull my new customers away from my “Billion Dollar Competitors”? Well, that takes money, and guess what? I spent all of my money building the company. What am I going to do now? Dangit, this is starting to feel like “Work” again and that’s not fun! This is where it gets “FUN”! Remember when I said streamline? Ok so I need money but I also cannot take away from my time to much because I need to be getting leads right? I like to drive and I like to talk…. Oh, the irony… what shall I do? THINK…I’ve got it. I can go be a Lyft/Uber Driver. I can generate income for a marketing budget all the while meeting new people, and doing something I really enjoy DRIVING! Now all the people I am driving are new leads, some of which turn into customers, and even better the “Leads” are paying me HAHA I love a good twist

Step four, rinse and repeat. Last piece of me creating an Income Stream that is based around my happiness is to turn the leads into customers and rinse and repeat. This is known as systematizing, which is teachable and scalable. Once the model is designed, the hiring begins and I become one step closer to a “Job” that is “FUN”

I hope this helps and at the very least you have enjoyed this little journey. Reach for your dreams of Happiness and do not let anything stand in your way!

*Average time to complete course is based on RealEstateExpress.com and not actual time an individual may need.