Being a slightly high maintenance traveler, I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. We all have our little quirks that make us a touch dramatic but hey that’s what makes us human right.

I figure since I spend my commutes on an airplane instead of a car I better learn the ins and outs and make sure I’m able to get the best travel comforts for the lowest possible deals.

I must admit, I enjoy the private entrances, secret security lines, and club lounges maybe a little more than I should but hey why not, right? I mean if you are going to do it at all you might as well do it right!

The best part is doing it all on a budget. I mean honestly, I can think of so many more things I would rather spend $10,000 dollars on than a fancy seat on a plane. We have so many options at our fingertips to enjoy the luxuries without breaking the bank.

To begin with, pick your airline. I will give you a slight bit of insight here, no matter how much status you have with them, I promise you they will do plenty to piss you off. Don’t let this make you run away though. Just keep pushing through and build up those benefits.

Another great tip is to leverage your credit cards, car services, hotel reward programs to continue to build up that status. Look for the cards that give you the best benefits, or use services such as Lyft or Uber that will connect to your Airline Reward Program and earn you more miles.

Now once you start building up a level of status with the airline you’ve chosen, start digging into their program and figure out if they offer an upgrade certificate for your travel. Honestly, there is nothing better than getting upgraded for free. Seeing your name come through on the cleared list has got to be one of the best feelings ever!

Giving yourself enough time to enjoy the airport and not be rushed to get through security is a great way to set your trip off on the right foot. I always get to the airport with way more time than I need just to be able to enjoy all the perks the airport has to offer. While I’m looking for these perks I always make sure I am overly nice to everyone I interact with. That is a dual purpose tactic. First, I want to make sure I am a Kind Human to everyone I interact with because almost every other person they interact with is a complete jerk. No one deserves to deal with jerks all day. Secondly, as the old saying goes, Your get more with sugar than you do with salt. Being nice to people, regardless of how they respond, will open up so many more opportunities for you to enjoy the posh life most folks could only dream of.

I hope my little words of wisdom have helped guide you in a better way to travel.