Honestly, who doesn’t cherish a good session of relaxation? No matter if it’s a yoga break or a quiet meditation or even a good book, relaxation time is a vital piece of our being.

We often get to wrapped up in work or family time that we forget to take time for ourselves. I am a firm believer that you cannot be the best version of yourself if you do not take care of yourself first. That is the number 1 reason why relaxation time is a non-negotiable piece of the puzzle.

It’s also very funny how guilty we feel for trying to have this time. How selfish are you to require a bit of relaxation? That just brings a smile to my face when we tear ourselves apart for this basic primal need. Do yourself a favor and give yourself that permission. It’s ok to take some time for you. Go ahead and try it. Get your calendar out and start locking in some time each day for you. I am completely serious, right now stop reading this post and get out that busy cal of yours and put in some time for you. You can thank me later.

Now your version of relaxation and mine may be completely different. Some people enjoy working out, while others enjoy reading. Myself, I enjoy the sounds of nature on a midsummer’s night down by a lake. I love the sounds of the symphony played by Cicadas. That sweet smell of the honeysuckles in full bloom. And the way my bare feet feel when connected to the earth. Pure bliss!

So why is it that we know what brings us happiness yet we steer clear of it and invite the chaos into our life without a balance?

I’m glad you asked!

It’s because we do not feel like our Personal Time is as important as our Business Time or our Family Time is. I challenge you to get past that state of being and understand how important you really are. It is physically impossible to be of any service to others, be it in a relationship, a business partnership, or even with our own children if we are not whole and complete.

Quite possibly the best way I can think of to create this balance in life is for you to list out the things that make you just completely let go. Once you’ve got that list come up with a way to bring those items into your daily life. Stop making excuses and just start doing. I also challenge you to then of the long term benefits here. Don’t play a small game. Visualize what your world could become if you are truly happy on the inside. Imagine how much better of a father, husband, co-worker, you actually could be if you have internal peace.

You only need to come to terms with the simple concept of internal peace to actually spread happiness in the world.

So for now please take the time to look within to give back to others!