Family Time is the best time and some of the most crucial time. Family Time is the time, we as the guides for our children, get to ensure we are the role models our children deserve to have.

Often parents want to push blame on society, teachers, social media, etc. but at the end of the day, the buck needs to stop at home with the parents. Children develop most of who they are long before any of those factors ever enter their lives. So stop pushing it out and take responsibility for raising your children.

We have been fortunate to be able to raise our kids and not put them into daycare at early ages. But for some, that is not a reality. For those of you in this situation, don’t give up hope all is not lost and I don’t want to hear you start pushing the blame on everyone else. The buck still stops with you. Family Time is what you make of it. Be present when you are with your family. Make the most of every second you can be a guide.

Choose to be the role model you want your children looking up to. Stop letting your situation define how you want to show up in life. If life is limiting you in that way choose to make a change. But I digress, let’s stick to the point of Family Time.

Family Time can be very stressful or magical. All depending on which lens you are looking out of.

When our kids were young, we felt the stress of all the typical “Terrible Twos and Horrific Threes,” but we decided as a team to view those moments as little memories and not live in the moment. As is everything in life goes, those moments will pass. Do not live in the moment of pain but instead leave them there and come back to them later in life when you can laugh about it.

Now obviously that is a heck of a lot easier than it sounds. No one is perfect but make that a goal to strive for, and when you falter, don’t be so hard on yourself. Next time try harder.

When you are given those stressful moments, choose to look at them as magical moments of memories that one day you will look back on and miss terribly.

I guess that age-old saying “They grow up so fast” might be right and do you want to remember it as a time of anger or time of happiness!

Enjoy Family Time

Southern Family