Balance Time

Balance Time

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Work Time

Work Time

Ah, the dreaded Work Time. This is the time most everyone cannot stand. Unless your work is something you love then, of course, you are going to hate it. Otherwise, it would be called “Play Time” or “Party Time” lol.

Why is it though that we all do things we hate to earn income. Just find something you are really passionate about and figure out how to monetize it.

Surely it cannot be that simple, right? I mean if it honestly was that easy why wouldn’t everyone be doing that?

I will tell you why, because it’s EXTREMELY difficult! Turning something you are passionate about into a money generating field takes years of hard work and dedication. The average person is just plain lazy and will never be willing to do the needed steps to make this a reality.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen!

Start out small. To find happiness in work you can’t begin with a completely euphoric state in all areas of your job. Again it would be called “Play Time” or “Meditation Time” if this were true. Find areas of your job that can be streamlined to make them less stressful and a better state of ease and flow.

I am currently in a shift and redefine state when it comes to my career path. During the time of building our Non-Profit Foundation, I found myself in a place of building multiple income streams. I discovered that a journey into Real Estate might actually be fun for me.

Here is where the paradox of “Fun vs Work” comes into play. This is were a lot of hard work and determination comes in. In order for me to be able to “Play” with a career in Real Estate, I must create a “Billion Dollar Venture” to allow me the freedom to be able to play.

Step one, get the education and certification required to become a real estate agent. BORING, but must be done! I signed up for an online class and completed a 4-6 month* course in 2 months. See what I mean about hard work and dedication? That element of my “Fun” job was so completely boring and dreadful to me I did everything in my power to complete it and move on as quickly as possible.

Step two, build the company. This is actually a “Fun” part to me as I really do enjoy building visions for projects. Honestly, if I could just be a Visionary and earn money doing it I would say that would be my dream job. Dream it up and give it to someone to develop. Hey, who knows maybe in my next re-invention that is the route I will take to earn income. But I digressed. So I need to build a vision for a “Billion Dollar Company” so that I lay the correct foundation from the very beginning. Sounds tough right? WRONG! All you need to do is model the companies that are doing what you want to be doing and make it your own. Model what they are doing and place your values and ideas in their shortfalls. And their shortfalls are your own interpretation because let’s be real, they already are the “Billion Dollar Company” you are trying to build.

Step three, generate leads. Ok so now I have the company built and ready to go. Now all I need are customers. How do I pull my new customers away from my “Billion Dollar Competitors”? Well, that takes money, and guess what? I spent all of my money building the company. What am I going to do now? Dangit, this is starting to feel like “Work” again and that’s not fun! This is where it gets “FUN”! Remember when I said streamline? Ok so I need money but I also cannot take away from my time to much because I need to be getting leads right? I like to drive and I like to talk…. Oh, the irony… what shall I do? THINK…I’ve got it. I can go be a Lyft/Uber Driver. I can generate income for a marketing budget all the while meeting new people, and doing something I really enjoy DRIVING! Now all the people I am driving are new leads, some of which turn into customers, and even better the “Leads” are paying me HAHA I love a good twist

Step four, rinse and repeat. Last piece of me creating an Income Stream that is based around my happiness is to turn the leads into customers and rinse and repeat. This is known as systematizing, which is teachable and scalable. Once the model is designed, the hiring begins and I become one step closer to a “Job” that is “FUN”

I hope this helps and at the very least you have enjoyed this little journey. Reach for your dreams of Happiness and do not let anything stand in your way!

*Average time to complete course is based on and not actual time an individual may need.

Travel Time

Travel Time

Being a slightly high maintenance traveler, I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. We all have our little quirks that make us a touch dramatic but hey that’s what makes us human right.

I figure since I spend my commutes on an airplane instead of a car I better learn the ins and outs and make sure I’m able to get the best travel comforts for the lowest possible deals.

I must admit, I enjoy the private entrances, secret security lines, and club lounges maybe a little more than I should but hey why not, right? I mean if you are going to do it at all you might as well do it right!

The best part is doing it all on a budget. I mean honestly, I can think of so many more things I would rather spend $10,000 dollars on than a fancy seat on a plane. We have so many options at our fingertips to enjoy the luxuries without breaking the bank.

To begin with, pick your airline. I will give you a slight bit of insight here, no matter how much status you have with them, I promise you they will do plenty to piss you off. Don’t let this make you run away though. Just keep pushing through and build up those benefits.

Another great tip is to leverage your credit cards, car services, hotel reward programs to continue to build up that status. Look for the cards that give you the best benefits, or use services such as Lyft or Uber that will connect to your Airline Reward Program and earn you more miles.

Now once you start building up a level of status with the airline you’ve chosen, start digging into their program and figure out if they offer an upgrade certificate for your travel. Honestly, there is nothing better than getting upgraded for free. Seeing your name come through on the cleared list has got to be one of the best feelings ever!

Giving yourself enough time to enjoy the airport and not be rushed to get through security is a great way to set your trip off on the right foot. I always get to the airport with way more time than I need just to be able to enjoy all the perks the airport has to offer. While I’m looking for these perks I always make sure I am overly nice to everyone I interact with. That is a dual purpose tactic. First, I want to make sure I am a Kind Human to everyone I interact with because almost every other person they interact with is a complete jerk. No one deserves to deal with jerks all day. Secondly, as the old saying goes, Your get more with sugar than you do with salt. Being nice to people, regardless of how they respond, will open up so many more opportunities for you to enjoy the posh life most folks could only dream of.

I hope my little words of wisdom have helped guide you in a better way to travel.

Relax Time

Relax Time

Honestly, who doesn’t cherish a good session of relaxation? No matter if it’s a yoga break or a quiet meditation or even a good book, relaxation time is a vital piece of our being.

We often get to wrapped up in work or family time that we forget to take time for ourselves. I am a firm believer that you cannot be the best version of yourself if you do not take care of yourself first. That is the number 1 reason why relaxation time is a non-negotiable piece of the puzzle.

It’s also very funny how guilty we feel for trying to have this time. How selfish are you to require a bit of relaxation? That just brings a smile to my face when we tear ourselves apart for this basic primal need. Do yourself a favor and give yourself that permission. It’s ok to take some time for you. Go ahead and try it. Get your calendar out and start locking in some time each day for you. I am completely serious, right now stop reading this post and get out that busy cal of yours and put in some time for you. You can thank me later.

Now your version of relaxation and mine may be completely different. Some people enjoy working out, while others enjoy reading. Myself, I enjoy the sounds of nature on a midsummer’s night down by a lake. I love the sounds of the symphony played by Cicadas. That sweet smell of the honeysuckles in full bloom. And the way my bare feet feel when connected to the earth. Pure bliss!

So why is it that we know what brings us happiness yet we steer clear of it and invite the chaos into our life without a balance?

I’m glad you asked!

It’s because we do not feel like our Personal Time is as important as our Business Time or our Family Time is. I challenge you to get past that state of being and understand how important you really are. It is physically impossible to be of any service to others, be it in a relationship, a business partnership, or even with our own children if we are not whole and complete.

Quite possibly the best way I can think of to create this balance in life is for you to list out the things that make you just completely let go. Once you’ve got that list come up with a way to bring those items into your daily life. Stop making excuses and just start doing. I also challenge you to then of the long term benefits here. Don’t play a small game. Visualize what your world could become if you are truly happy on the inside. Imagine how much better of a father, husband, co-worker, you actually could be if you have internal peace.

You only need to come to terms with the simple concept of internal peace to actually spread happiness in the world.

So for now please take the time to look within to give back to others!

Gaming Time

Gaming Time

Haha, who doesn’t love Gaming Time? Especially in our house these days with teenage boys, one of whom wants to be a video game designer! But Gaming Time is much more to us than just video games.

Gaming Time is nothing more than just taking the time to play as a family and let go of all the stress we each carry. Every one of us from the parents to the kids has our own level of chaos that we deal with daily. So it is absolutely critical to embrace your inner child and just PLAY.

It is really easy to forget that we need to take time out of the chaos and just relax. One tool that we use is family game night. Everyone gets to have their turn to choose what we play. Sometimes it’s a board game, other times it’s a trip to the bowling alley. Whatever it is we are all in, no phones, no connection to the outside world, no distractions. We come together as a family and show up for each other.

We must often admit the games that get picked, we stink at them and it is not very much fun to play. That doesn’t matter though, because we are not playing to win, we are playing for the quality time we get to spend together as a family. We are creating memories that will last a lifetime and hopefully teach our kids a tradition to bring into their own families one day.

The important thing we have decided that is most important with our family gaming time is to make sure everyone feels that their pick is valuable, relevant, and entertaining to all. By doing this we are teaching our kids the value of respecting others, and not just because you have to but rather because you should. We help them to understand how you show up for other people, especially those close to you, is how they will show up for you. It also helps them realize that if they showed whoever picked the game that they disapproved, how bad it would hurt them if the roles are reversed.

Too often in the world, we live in today, people speak before thinking, and the timeless saying of common sense isn’t as sensible. Having our kids learn a simple routine of playing a game their peer may have picked out that they love but having the common sense and forward thinking to not roll their eyes or to grunt and make faces. By doing this, we are teaching them a life value that needs to be more dominant in our world today. Thinking before speaking and realizing how we may affect someone with our responses.

Our vision in life is to create an environment where families can thrive by doing more together by influencing and instilling the values to shape a better future, starting with our own.

Over the coming months, we are planning on starting to engage more of our friends and families into some community Gaming Time.

Until then have fun playing.


Family Time

Family Time

Family Time is the best time and some of the most crucial time. Family Time is the time, we as the guides for our children, get to ensure we are the role models our children deserve to have.

Often parents want to push blame on society, teachers, social media, etc. but at the end of the day, the buck needs to stop at home with the parents. Children develop most of who they are long before any of those factors ever enter their lives. So stop pushing it out and take responsibility for raising your children.

We have been fortunate to be able to raise our kids and not put them into daycare at early ages. But for some, that is not a reality. For those of you in this situation, don’t give up hope all is not lost and I don’t want to hear you start pushing the blame on everyone else. The buck still stops with you. Family Time is what you make of it. Be present when you are with your family. Make the most of every second you can be a guide.

Choose to be the role model you want your children looking up to. Stop letting your situation define how you want to show up in life. If life is limiting you in that way choose to make a change. But I digress, let’s stick to the point of Family Time.

Family Time can be very stressful or magical. All depending on which lens you are looking out of.

When our kids were young, we felt the stress of all the typical “Terrible Twos and Horrific Threes,” but we decided as a team to view those moments as little memories and not live in the moment. As is everything in life goes, those moments will pass. Do not live in the moment of pain but instead leave them there and come back to them later in life when you can laugh about it.

Now obviously that is a heck of a lot easier than it sounds. No one is perfect but make that a goal to strive for, and when you falter, don’t be so hard on yourself. Next time try harder.

When you are given those stressful moments, choose to look at them as magical moments of memories that one day you will look back on and miss terribly.

I guess that age-old saying “They grow up so fast” might be right and do you want to remember it as a time of anger or time of happiness!

Enjoy Family Time

Southern Family